3 Boston-Based Apps for a Healthier You


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to browsing the app store (we know; we live there). We also live in Boston, so we appreciate a little local flair. In the spirit of city pride, we’ve distilled your app-store fitness plans down to three great apps, home grown right here in Beantown. Check ‘em …Read More

Live Like A Tourist


We know what you’re thinking, and no, we’re not talking about that kind of tourist. Not the Tevas-with-socks wearing, shameless selfie-taking, loud and lost tourist. The other kind; the one armed with relentless curiosity and desire to see everything there is to be seen. There is a strange and inspiring sort of panic that comes …Read More

Date Yourself: A Beginners Guide to Doing Things Alone


We’re not used to being alone these days simply because we don’t have to be. The whole world comes everywhere with us in our pockets. We can make (or cancel) plans in 140 characters or less. However, being alone is good for you. Studies show that doing things by yourself can actually alleviate depression. Riding solo …Read More

How to Waste Every Hour of Your Weekend


First let’s get something straight: we don’t want you to waste time. Our time on earth is finite, each moment is a precious gift, get busy living or get busy dying, YOLO, all that good stuff. However, it is very warm outside and we can understand the appeal of staying close to your fan and/or …Read More

5 Easy Reads You Can Brag About


Reading makes you feel good, like taking an embarrassing (but fun) zumba class or drinking a weird green smoothie that actually tastes kind of good. And even if you don’t get that “Go me!” feeling at the end of a book, at the very least you get to seem smart in front of all your …Read More

4 Ways to Travel the World On the Cheap


Everybody’s got dream destinations on their bucket list. The issue, of course, is money. When toying around with planning trips, I usually get discouraged somewhere around Kayak.com. If I can hardly afford the airfare, how will I possibly manage, lodging, food and—just a small detail—fun? However, on the travels I have been lucky enough to …Read More

Boston Lunch Hour: Crave- Mad for Chicken


There’s a new chicken in town and she wants to take you to lunch: Crave- Mad for Chicken. (Spoiler alert: she’s a restaurant.) Crave first gained popularity in New York and now boasts three locations—the newest of which in our very own Beantown. Their claim to fame is—duh—chicken. The website boasts that their Korean spin …Read More

4 Boston Freebies to Achieve this Weekend


FRIDAY NIGHT: Watch The Goonies at the Hatch Shell Catch a classic on the house as a part of the Free Friday Flicks series at the Hatch Memorial Shell. Not looking like rain tonight, so BYOB—blanket, that is—along with some snacks and you’re in business. Goonies never say die! When: 6pm, July 18 Where: The Hatch Memorial …Read More

Challenges and Deadlines and Personalized Lists! Oh My!

challenge in phone_square

Download the latest Achvr App here. The latest update to the Achvr iOS App is now live, making it easier than ever to achieve your goals! This is the first major update in months, and we’ve added awesome new features at the request of our most active users. We also threw a fresh coat of …Read More