Happy Monday


Let’s get one thing straight: there is no shortage of ‘foolproof” ways to get happy. The 21st century microphone is in everyone’s hand, and a million voices are promising: if you move here, do that, eat this (not that), read this, change that, forget this, learn that, you will finally be happy. There’s nothing wrong …Read More

Achieve An Awesome Autumn

jumping in leaves

Sorry for the alliteration, and no, we’re not just talking about Instagramming a Pumpkin Spice Latte (although we might endorse that behavior because, let’s face it, the stuff is delectable.) We mean real honest-to-goodness amazing autumnal achievements. Fall (see what we did there?) into the best season with cozy crafts and seasonal classics, like: Bake …Read More

Achieve at Life: 80 Points Made Easy


Alright. You want to go on an adventure and you’re ready to check some things off of the bucket list of life aka: Achvr. Or you just want to rack up points and brag to your friends. Fair enough. Let me give you some things you can achieve right now, wherever you are. 1. Go for …Read More

The Quest for the Perfect Tailgate


Every American on the earth, fan or not, has been made well aware of the return of football. And with it comes the equally (perhaps more) important return of the TAILGATE. Ah, the tailgate. A dream come true for all, from college freshman to grandfathers who still feel like college freshman. We at Achvr want …Read More

Don’t Hate the Staycation


Staycations are notorious for lameness. We know that. But that’s not exactly a fair rep. As all good achievers know, there are plenty of new adventures to be had in your city, your town, your backyard or even your living room. Here are some tips for your really cool, non-lame staycation (maybe start by calling …Read More

Host Your First Dinner Party for Under $100


So, you want to have a dinner party, but you don’t really cook and you don’t have a lot of green to blow. Ain’t no thang. We did the legwork and planned a foolproof meal for you and 5-7 amigos for just over $75. That’s right. ‘Tizers, salad, dessert and even wine and beer included. …Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of the Great American Road Trip


A long road trip can be a picturesque glimmer of American glory…or a swirling votex of boredom and horror. Our dos and don’ts will help you to keep your vehicular journey more along the lines of the former. DO Bump the best tunes. Good music is directly correlated with a good roadtrip. Make a power …Read More